The language technique of using syntax has shown the theme that humans are able to feel others physical and emotional discomfort in a demanding situation. The text ” touching the void” has shown a variety of emotion, uncertainty, frustration, sadness, and happiness. This text shows an in-depth portrayal of what discomfort for Joe Simpson and […]

I bounce and bounce, and bounce. Sheets stripped of their purpose and bundled onto the floor. How can someone with so much energy fall asleep on a bustling summers night? People are still out as are the creatures & critters. Next door I hear the neighbors little boy ecstatically laughing, a warming rumble than a […]

Happiness is constantly lost and then rediscovered but an action needs to take place first. For some people, their life is ruled by depression and happiness seems so out of this world. I have chosen to write about the theme that happiness can be found or re-discovered through an action taken or an object found”. […]

Describe a place or time where the main character felt very comfortable or uncomfortable in the written text? Explain how the techniques helped you to understand the characters reaction We all can feel uncomfortable depending on a situation we are in. It could be a feeling of uselessness, fear, or complete and utter embarrassment or […]

Techniques Symbolism: mountain, rope, voice Narrative Perspective: 1st person, 2nd person, 3rd person, the eye of God. Joe Simpson, Simon Yates Figurative Language: Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Hyperbole Imagery: The combination of descriptive language and techniques for certain effects. Conflict: (Tension Rilled moments) -created through word choice and syntax. Syntax (Sentance structures): different types of different effects. Climax: (turning point): syntax, word choice, […]

Influence, we’ve grown up with people influencing our decisions to allow us to receive the better outcome and now we’re making our own decisions, or at least with the guidance of our kith and kin, for instance, if we follow in our parents footsteps or allow them to choose a career path for ourselves because it is […]

“It was a lonely place to rest. In the huge chaos of the moraines, I had sat down to rest at the one spot where I would be reminded. We and sat in the same spot six days earlier. All our keen excitement and the healthy strong feel in our bodies had become an empty […]

Contrast is used in sections of text to assist the reader’s thoughts on Joe’s feelings and experiences in the chapter ‘Shadows in the Ice’ examples like “the stark blackness of the drops, too deep for the light to penetrate…the black space held untold horrors… staring at the black hole in front of me… the dark […]

Some of the issues both Simon and Joe are facing are highly alarming, death has never seemed so close and bittersweet, for both men to succeed climbing down the mountain making it out alive seems preposterous. After running out of gas it seems bad, having no water to boil, to rehydrate. After Joe shatters his […]

Chapter 5 ‘Disaster is the most action-packed, and nail-biting, this chapter is the climax of the book. Disaster occurs when Joe and Simon are climbing down the west face of Suila Grande after reaching the peak. Joe falls down a nearly vertical, steep section of the cliff, breaking his leg.” Everything was still, silent. My […]