8th November 2018

Exam Essay- Conclusion

The language technique of using syntax has shown the theme that humans are able to feel others physical and emotional discomfort in a demanding situation. The text ” touching the void” has shown a variety of emotion, uncertainty, frustration, sadness, and happiness. This text shows an in-depth portrayal of what discomfort for Joe Simpson and Simon Yates have experienced on the descent of Siula Grande, but what is most important is the emotions we feel when we read the book that links back to the theme that we are able to sense when an individual or group are in discomfort whether physical emotional or both. 

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  1. Hi Yasmin. I think that you need to be more specific to the effects of the syntax, and language techniques that you outlined in your essay. I.e. You have said that the use of rhetorical questions showed Joe questioning his egotism. You also talk about how the use of first person pronouns give a personal account and immediate sense of action in these stressful scenes. You could conclude with how these techniques show the internal though processes of Joe and how he is mentally trying to deal with the complications of their mountain climb.


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