The power that Imagery creates when reading a book, especially a true account allows the audience to be transported through a series of events with a huge layer of depth, enough to relate to emotions with your own similar experiences or times you felt this way. Imagery is a combination of description and figurative language to create an image in the reader’s mind either to show emotion such as tension, anger, and pain or to give the reader a sense of location or setting of the book. Joe Simpson has used well thought out adjectives built into a sentence describing the descent of the East Face creating an image of the setting such as ” It had stopped snowing, the flutings would be impossibly slow and dangerous to climb across and to descend lower would see us lost in the whiteout conditions below the cloud. There were few choices left open to us. Simon stood up and begun moving gingerly along the crest five feet from the edge, along with the continental crack line running away from us.” While reading this the audience experienced a description of the harsh and mentally draining conditions, the risks Simon and Joe had to endure to complete this climb they both wanted to conquer but also showing not telling the emotions and precautions they took, the no room for mistake kind of attitude, without the risk of injury. Joe Simpson has cleverly created imagery in his recount of climbing Suilia Grande and the treacherous descent.

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