29th April 2018

Silent Witness- Chapter 8

“It was a lonely place to rest. In the huge chaos of the moraines, I had sat down to rest at the one spot where I would be reminded. We and sat in the same spot six days earlier. All our keen excitement and the healthy strong feel in our bodies had become an empty memory.” The mood created by this passage of text sets a nostalgic mood as Simon recounts the past week as Joe and himself set out on their journey. The bustle of the excitement of their adventure taking place but later leads to a change of emotion and feeling. Simon seems maudlin but not to the literal sense of tears, to him, feeling regret and showing pitifulness to himself seemed to be an unnecessary pain to contain. The author used words such as empty and lonely to set an evocative sense to set the mood of this chapter ‘Silent Witness’. If the author didn’t create a sense of mood in such depth as he has, the readers could not compare their knowledge as well as past experiences to relate, then to allow us to feel sympathy, hatred or understanding towards a character. The attitude of the writer or better known the tone. The uses of emotive language and large amounts of simple sentences to create a short sharp effect where the readers receive all the information needed to feel an emotion and opinion towards an action taken from the character. For the author, his tone seemed to be a detailed reflection of what he thought Simon was feeling and all the emotional stages he might have been going through. The author is obviously human as he is able to relate and reflect Simons experiences and understand the influence of Simon’s decisions then able to create an influential and ‘A brilliant, vivid, gripping, heart-stopping account of their terrifying adventure’

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