Influence, we’ve grown up with people influencing our decisions to allow us to receive the better outcome and now we’re making our own decisions, or at least with the guidance of our kith and kin, for instance, if we follow in our parents footsteps or allow them to choose a career path for ourselves because it is “better” for our future because we believe that if we have a respectable job than we allow abundance into our lives. That is an example of a decision ourselves and others make to benefit us. When we try to influence others to make similar decisions and life choices of our own because we have previously been taught to do so. Sometimes you influence others to follow your so call it ‘proposal’ and other times you just seem plain stupid to them. Influence can lead to something bigger though. Throughout history, we discover influencers and the influenced. Choices made right now can be influencing the future of a nation or as little as an individual. But when it comes to making decisions we avoid certain options because we fear failure but when someone else fails we can learn from their mistakes. We take a step back, reflect and then we move forward again. That doesn’t always happen though, decisions made out of fear of the outcome become an unbreakable wall, we can’t push through it so we give up, we rather let fear beat us than take the risk and watch our decision influence the people around us. Today I want to focus on this thought process and inform you the power of influencers and the influenced that can lead to a change for better or worse.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of influence “is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.” There are three different types of Social Influence, but the most important in this case is ‘Comforting Influence’, Comforting influence is when an individual needs others judgment and opinion to approve a decision, in my opinion, the most important. We all see Comforting Influence a huge part of our social life, we all need some sort of approval from others to increase our self-esteem. This is not necessarily just a good or bad thing, it’s both. We seek others opinions and judgment because we don’t want to be labeled wrong. When we make decisions we make them because they seem logical but can our decisions be made out of the emotion we are feeling, fear, eagerness or devotion.

Winston Churchill one of the greatest historical figures has made decisions out of fear for the protection of Britain and its allies. The choices that were made had negatively impacted his foe as well as his allies but we still seem to know him as a hero. Why is that? In World War 2, we know Churchill as the man who leads Britain to a Victory but 25 years before his ministry in Britain he was the Lord of the Admiralty, ‘the political head of the Royal Army’ with glowing prestige, he became ambitious. His ambition was the cost of 11,488 Anzac lives, 44,000 Allies. We can’t forget about the 86,692 Ottoman soldiers who were fighting on behalf of their country, even though the enemy, like our ancestors they were made to fight. The Gallipoli campaign was intended to gain land in Turkey and capture the Ottoman Capital to open a Black sea, supply route to Russia. John Arbuthnot Fisher opposed most of the Churchills ridiculous schemes, both he and Churchill regularly argued on whos strategies were more achievable. As a result of the proceeding of the Gallipoli campaign, Fisher resigned in protest. Following the Gallipoli campaign for many years Churchill reflected on his actions, he felt and quoted  ” It was a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time” From early on in the Gallipoli campaign he knew it would be costly, but he sooner rather risks the lives of 100,000s of troops from both sides for so little gain.

We are all influencers and we are all influenced there is no doubt about it.  To have an influence on somebody, a person needs to be confident in themselves and what is believed, but to have the power to change one’s belief having the knowledge to do so.

So what is the difference between a good and bad influence? In my opinion, it’s highly unlikely for a person to be only a good influencer or bad influencer, we are somewhat both. We all value different things, we all believe different ideas and we all respect different people. As an individual, we have a belief that someone who is a good influence has these characteristics, (Respectful, approachable and dependent) but someone who is a bad influence has characteristics of the complete opposite. When I originally thought of a bad influencer, I believed they were someone who negatively impacts others. This can be there behavior towards others and themselves or decisions made because it is ‘beneficial’ or because their way is the only way. But can a negative influencer be someone who has valid ideas, they’re powerful and can use their words to strengthen the belief of others. Can a bad influencer be someone who is depended on by others because to the public eye they are a figure of protection and strength? These characteristics seem like the ones of a positive influencer but they can be examples of a negative influencer. I’ve conducted a research explaining that even the greatest figures in history have made decisions that influence others negatively because of their own selfishness and fear.

Did his upbringing affect his own political view? Winston Churchill grew up in a very wealthy family, his father Lord Randolph Churchill a political figure in England and his mother Jennie Churchill who came from a wealthy American family.  Winston Churchill stated that from a young age “he had virtually no relationship with his father and his mother” he did poorly at school and often played up. Just like his father.  Lord Randolph Churchill was a very bitter man


This talk was created to make you think and ask questions, take a step back and ask is what she said valuable to me? Will it influence decisions I will make out of happiness or anger, Can I agree with these statements?

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